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Service & Maintenance: PV Panels

PV panels attract dirt and over time this affects the performance of the panels this can be as much a 50% reduction in performance. In addition  a lot of panels where have been fitted incorrectly. This can affect your house insurance. Because so many PV companies have gone bust this leaves consumers with nowhere to turn, we are MCS registered and can;

  •          Clean your panels
  •          Check the PV system MC4 connectors
  •          Check the inverter and PV strings
  •          Ensure you have the correct structural report for panels on your roof a Building Standards & MCS requirement
  •          Bird and rodent proofing underneath the PV panels

 This all adds up to peace of mind for you ensuring your system gives you optimum returns

 Service & Maintenance: Heat pumps

We can carry out service checks on your heat pump and solar thermal  installations again ensuring they are working efficiently and producing the correct amount of heat for your property. 

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